Winteam500 Germany

Mrs. lawyer Zhou, Partner of Winteam500 Shanghai, is located in Berlin and permitted by Berlin bar association to practise in Germany. She works together with her colleagues in China to provide full Chinese legal services to German and European clients.

Winteam500 Germany Cooperation Partner

Winteam500 Germany relies on more than 100 offices from Winteam500 Legal Group in China to work closely with the German law firm BSKP. Broll • Schmitt • Kaufmann & Partner and to better serve our German and European clients.

Our Competencies 

Languages. We could be able to serve our clients with different languages, such as Chinese, German, and English. Depending on the requirements, we could also be able to provide services in other European languages.

Experience. We have provided China-related legal and consulting services to hundreds of German and European clients. We benefit from our previous successful experiences, so that we are able to adapt to the requirements of our clients according to the changes in the environment.

Cost-effective. Our fees are based on complexities and efforts needed for each case, we offer a predictable and transparent fee plan so you could be able to reach your goal within expectations.

Services. Our services are comprehensive. We adhere to the deep economic insights of the two regions to address the differences between systems, culture and languages, reduce communication difficulties and help our clients solve the problems more than just legal advice.

Extra Support

In addition, we are able to assist in auxiliary services such as translation, notary, accounting, insurance, visas and residence permits, allowing our clients to minimize communication barriers with different windows.

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