We speak the clients’ languages to serve the clients where they are based. We, the international lawyers, should not only focus on professionally advising laws,  but we should also assist to ease intercultural barriers, mitigate risks of uncertainties and insecurities, to facilitate and maintain a sustainable international business environment.


Our professionals are from our 170 offices in China. The network covers almost all major big and small cities. Our professionals are combined with lawyers, and experts in business, industrial, and office management. Our Berlin office, according to the nature of each case, to work closely with different experts and professionals in China, to offer one-step and one-window services to our German and European clients.


Our nationwide professionals are distributed in fully-covered areas and in various industries. We are able to advise on legal issues of the laws of the people’s’ republic of China in the areas of civil law, commercial law, tax law, administrative law, criminal law,  intellectual property law, and laws of procedure and proceedings. 

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We have advised hundreds of clients, including Germans to invest in China and to do business with Chinese Business Partners. We are well recognized and recommended.

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